This is what I do at school :D

I used a fruit water that I bought from a man on the street as a sample and put it in the Petri dishes in different growth medias! (Fruit water in the street? Yeah, I live in Mexico)

The first Petri dish has the Brilliant Green Bile Agar, in which there are shown some Coliform organisms that are also lactose degraders!

In the second one, there is an APT agar, where some lactobacillus grew!

On the third Petri dish, filled with red violet bile agar, you can see some enterobacter gram positive

Then there’s the Nutritive Agar, where we can see different bacterias. I still don’t know which kind of bacteria there are, I’ll know next wednesday!

The last one is brilliant green agar, there you can see some more safety but a bit beautifully disgusting enterobacter!

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